Experiential Games

The Chelsea Piers Experiential Games brings your group together to focus on increasing morale, improving communication skills, and building trust. Our team-building program manager customize a program based on your objectives and goals for the day. Experienced facilitators will lead your group through a learning experience that stimulates real work-life scenarios. Whether you are looking to tackle obstacles and issues, or just need to reinvigorate your team, Experiential Games is the ideal way to bring your group together.

Blind Square A rope is placed near the blindfolded participants. The team must first find the rope, then unravel it completely and make a perfect square on the ground, all within the allotted time. This activity focuses on communication, problem solving, leadership and team effectiveness.
Blind Trust Walk One person must lead his/her blindfolded colleague through an obstacle course — without saying a word! This activity helps build a sense of trust among co-workers and allows them to develop creative ways to communicate with each other.
Bull Ring In this activity participants must transport a ball that sits on top of a stake and place it on another stake, which is about 30 feet away. Here's the tricky part - no one can touch the stake or the ball. Your team will have a very limited amount of time to accomplish this task. This initiative will focus on transporting an object, communication and effective problem solving.
Corporate Connection Make a Corporate Connection! Negotiation, compromise and strategy are skills utilized in this team-oriented activity. The premise is simple - your team will win points for every ball that makes it into the bucket, but there is a twist. Corporate Connection will be tailored to emphasize each group's goal setting dynamics.
Corporate Maze In this challenge every person on your team must go through a maze within the designated time. All participants must find the path to the other side through trial and error. There are a few stipulations. The object is for the team to learn from each other's "successes" and focus on effective problem solving through the process of elimination.
Corporate Charades & Office Pictionary Traditional games we all know and love that are custom tailored to your specific company or department. The Team Building program Manager will work with you prior to the event to determine 10 words that pertain specifically to your group. The group will be organized into teams and then stationed in different areas or rooms. The first person from each team comes to the facilitator for the first word challenge. The first person then returns to the team and acts or draws it out until their team guesses the word. The next person then goes to the facilitator for the next word and so on. The first team to guess all the words wins!
Helium Hoops All of your team members will reach new heights during this quick initiative. Everyone must maintain contact with the helium hoop and simply lower it to the ground using only their forefingers. Sound easy? Give it a try! This initiative will test your team's ability to work together and focus on the task "on hand".
Hula Hoop Toss This game is a competition between two teams. Each team will be given one ring. The object of this contest is to toss the ring around the 200-meter track one time. The catcher may move toward the ring after the throw is in the air. Each throw is counted as a point. The team with the least points wins the game.
Key Punch The game is a simulation of the "manufacturing process". A task will be presented to the group to touch all of the spots in the "production area" and certain rules or "production processes" will be introduced. The ultimate goal is to develop the fastest possible method for touching all of the spots and to maintain the highest level of quality control. As in real business situations there may be certain impediments to completing the task. The team with the best performance wins.
Marbles to Market Using the resources provided, team members must move as many "marbles" as possible from one point to another in the time allotted. This game requires planning, coordination, cooperation and communication.
Octagon to Success Your team must discover a new path to success. The team is searching for vital bits of information inside the octagon that will clear their path and help grow the business. Connecting these bits of information is essential to the team's success. While certain team members are in the octagon, they may only come into contact with the bits of information. They must avoid all other obstacles. Every team member is an active participant.
River Rapids Each group must cross an imaginary river using a limited number of movable floating "pods". This difficult journey will take group planning, effective communication and cooperation. It also helps foster teamwork and project leadership skills.