The Chelsea Piers Mini-Olympics brings groups together for a fun and competitive outing. Our staff will customize your program's activities based on your preferences and desired level of physical activity. Using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, your group will have a blast while getting to know each other better. Our professional staff and instructors will ensure each member of your team will remain engaged throughout the activity rotations — fostering team spirit and a healthy sense of competition.

Dodgeball It's the game we used to play in gym class - dip, duck, catch and DODGE! Teams face off one against the other and the team with the last person left in the game at the end wins.
Pedestal Jousting Pedestal Jousting is the ultimate test of a gladiator's strength and skill. Armed with extra long foam-padded joust poles, participants will have the opportunity to duke it out against the opponent of their choice. The first to knock his/her opponent off the pedestal will be declared the winner. This activity fits best in conjunction with other activities.
"Hot Shot" Competition Each team member will have three attempts to make a basket from three specific spots on the basketball court, for a total of nine shots. One point will be awarded for each of the easiest shots made, three points for each of the intermediate shots made, and five points for each of the most difficult shots made.
Obstacle Course / Relay Race Each team must make their way through a series of activities in relay fashion. Activities may include jump rope, sack race, making a basketball shot and agility drills, among others.
Pass, Catch and End Zone Dance Each team will select a player to be the quarterback who passes the football to the teammate "receivers". Each QB has 60 seconds to pass the ball into four different zones for varying amounts of points. It will take the entire team's effort to return the football (by way of a lateral pass via the "receivers") back to the QB. The object of this game is for the whole team to work together, throw long and score!
Rock Climbing Relay Race Each member of the team that is willing to climb will scale our state-of-the-art Rock Wall in this vertical relay race. The team with the lowest combined time wins the challenge.
Sand Volleyball Two teams of six to nine (additional participants may rotate in) play three games on the Indoor Sand Volleyball court. Each game will be played up to eleven points or the maximum time limit of 15 minutes.
Speed Stacks It's a track meet for your hands at warp speed! Sport stacking is an exciting new sport where you "up stack" and "down stack" twelve (12) specially designed cups in predetermined sequences as fast as you can. Already used by thousands of physical education teachers and coaches, sport stacking reaches out to all ages and levels of physical ability. Sport stacking encourages everyone to succeed while challenging the most athletic players. Each team member gets 3 attempts. We will record their best score and add up the total team times.
Tower Power Tower Power is similar to the popular game Jenga™, but super-sized! We start with 54 oversized wooden blocks stacked in a tower formation. Each level consists of 3 blocks placed adjacent to each other, and the next level of three is placed perpendicular to the previous level. The group is organized into teams and each member of each team takes a turn removing one block from the tower and placing it on top of the tower. Each member of all teams must participate and there are specific rules and challenges along the way. The games ends when any piece falls from the tower other than the piece being moved, or the tower collapses.
Tug-O-War Set your feet and pull with all of your might. The first team to pull the other across the line wins the points.